Louis Vuitton Appoints Virgil Abloh As Its New Menswear Designer

Breaking News: Virgil Abloh has just been named as the new artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton. The founder of Off-White and longtime creative director for Kanye West will be taking over from Kim Jones who announced his departure last week.

Well, 2018 certainly seems to be the year for Abloh’s unbelievable takeover of the world. First we got a little taster of his upcoming collaboration with IKEA with a homeware range designed for millennial first-time-buyers to the new takeover of Louis Vuitton menswear.

The new job role at Louis Vuitton will make Abloh one of the few black designers at the top of a French heritage house of fashion. He will follow Oliver Rousteing at Balmain and Oswald Boating who was the Givenchy designer from 2003 – 2007.

According to The New York Times, Abloh will relocate to Paris with his family to fulfil his new role at the iconic fashion house.

“I feel elated. This opportunity to think through what the next chapter of design and luxury will mean at a brand that represents the pinnacle of luxury was always a goal in my wildest dreams. And to show a younger generation that there is no one way anyone in this kind of position has to look is a fantastically modern spirit in which to start.”

Before the official announcement, it had been rumoured that Abloh would step in after Kim Jones’ departure. Virgil will showcase his first collection for Louis Vuitton during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June.

So, what can we expect from Virgil’s takeover at Louis Vuitton? At this moment in time, all we can do is wait. However, the sassiest and shadiest Instagram account in town, Diet Prada have given us a little joke take on what we could be getting from the founder of Off-White.

Diet Prada's #FakeNews "1st print" from Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton

Diet Prada’s #FakeNews “1st print” from Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton

Whether you’re a fan of the Off-White aesthetic that Virgil has created or not, I’m sure his reign at Louis Vuitton will be an interesting one to say the least.

Why All Stars 3 Snatched Us Bald – And Not In A Good Way

Well guys, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 3 has wrapped up and it’s fair to say that this season was one hell of a rollercoaster… Sure there were a lot of highs but there were also some very bizarre, questionable and rage-inducing decisions and plot twists that really rattled the cages of a lot of fans.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about; 1) You’ve been living under a rock and 2) *SPOILER ALERT* there are gonna be some big reveals! Where should I begin?

The Cast Of Queens

Now, when I saw the reveal of the cast of All Stars 3 way back when I like most other Drag Race fans, was eager to see which queens from yesteryear would be coming back in full force with the hopes of snatching the crown and a shot at “ru-demption”.

However, It’s fair to say that quite a few folks on the internet weren’t overly thrilled by the “caliber” of queens that had been selected. Mainly the fact that not a single queen had made it into the top 3 on their respective seasons (apart from Bebe, but we’ll get to her soon).

After the stellar season of All Stars 2 which really set the standard for the show, All Stars 3 came into town like that one drunk straight girl at the gay bar; more rowdy, pretty messy and somehow offends everyone.

Statistically it was the “weakest” season if you consider how each of the queens placed in their own seasons (I think Aja came 9th on her season). Now, I personally didn’t mind the casting, I felt it was pretty diverse unlike All Stars 2 which had half the contestants come from Season 5.

I was incredibly excited to see Bendelacreme as she was one of my favourites, equally, I was intrigued to see what Milk (also from Season 6) would bring to the table. We were blessed with a couple of the old era of Drag Race as well, Shangela and Morgan McMichaels made an excellent addition to the cast.

Bebe Zahara Benet

Then we were introduced to a 10th queen during the first episode. That queen was in fact Bebe Zahara Benet, the first ever winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Why on earth was a winner coming back for All Stars, this has pretty much ruined the chances of a “Winners Season” now that we’ve already seen her come back to show the world what she’s got which… wasn’t much.

Throughout the series, it’s seemed like Bebe could do no wrong. It was made quite clear that the show wanted to have Bebe in the finale, and of course they did, it would look bad on the show if she went home on week two despite being a winner. Not wanting to take chances, the show seemed to put her in the top for challenges that we, the viewer, would see as failures.

For example, winning the Andy Warhol challenge, her can wasn’t funny, decorative or pleasant and when Ru complimented her dress, she failed to mention that Aja helped her out, then subsequently sent her home. Shady lady.

During the Kitty Girl challenge, the queens were asked to create and sing/rap their own lyrics. Bebe made noises with no real skill and somehow won the challenge.

She wouldn’t’ even reveal who she sent home “in respect for Bendela” – a shoddy excuse in an attempt to keep her cards close to her chest. And if I have to hear “Cameroon” one more time I will weep… And you thought “Halleloo” was irritating.

Bendelacreme’s Shocking Departure

One of the real gags of the season has to be the noble sacrifice from Bendelacreme. All the way through the season she was slaying every single challenge, she lip synced for her legacy 5 times and in the end, she chose to send herself home instead of one of the other girls (Kennedy).

I don’t get shocked easily by the show anymore, sure, I still get entertained but sometimes it feels like the “shock moments” are incredibly manufactured now. Oh you’re eliminating 2 queens, cool, we’ve seen that before. You’re bring a queen back, “gasp”.

There has been a holy trinity for shocking elimination moments. The first was Willam’s disqualification. That had me shook to the core! The second was Valentina’s mask-gate scandal during a lip sync for your life. The third was Bendelacreme using white-out to change the name on a lipstick to her own. Gagged.

Clearly the bullshittery from the season got too much for Dela and she clearly didn’t want to be there anymore. The same thing happened with Adore Delano during All Stars 2.

And to be fair, that’s how a lot of the season felt, Dela and Shangela throughout the whole competition were the obvious frontrunners. They dominated each and every challenge, whether it be acting, dancing, comedy (maybe not costume design Shangela) and it almost felt too ‘real’ for the producers to have the duo battle against each other week after week after week.

Then when a plot twist that we’ve never seen before brought all the eliminated queens back, Dela couldn’t get her head round the anger, venom and drama that came with it and I think that lead to her swift departure which left all the judges (including RuPaul) dumbfounded.

Can anyone really blame her for going? If I’m honest, I don’t. Sure, I’m gutted as she was my all time favourite and the star of the season but she showed them all what she can do. She doesn’t need $100,000, a plastic crown and a picture in a fictional hall of fame.


Now, this really got on my tits. Throughout the whole season, Shangela had proven to be a true force to be reckoned with and a stellar talent. If you ask me, Shangela is a true All Star. When she first appeared on Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she was a newcomer to the world of drag and she was full of energy and charisma.

Sadly she only made the first episode but she was back for Season 3 and she had already grown so much despite being called “Queen of the Boogers” by Season 3 winner Raja.

Her runway looks had drastically improved too, she walked out onto the runway in a giant inflatable ball for God sake!

By the time All Stars 3 had come around, Shangela had taken the world by storm, she tours with dancers, she’s appeared in numerous television shows as an actress and she’s become a trophy-snatching success story. Shangela, for me, is the real winner of All Stars 3 which brings me on to my next point.

The Voting System Was Rigga Morris!

Need I explain this part? This season had some shocking moments; Dela’s departure, the return of the eliminated queens as a rival band, Bebe turning up and Milk becoming delusional, I think we’d seen just about all we could take from the season.

But then Ru decided to throw in yet another twist… And this one was actually shocking. Not because it was good, but because it was utter bullshit!

Ru decided to bring back the eliminated queens again and give them all the power to decide who would become the final 2 queens to lip sync for their legacy.

Bendelacreme, Thorgy Thor, Milk, Aja, Morgan McMichaels and Chi Chi Devayne were all set the task of talking to each finalist to help aid their decisions and then they voted to see which queens would make the top 2.

Now, you don’t have to be a genius to see that this can have it’s advantages and disadvantages for certain contestants. Trixie Mattel who fell somewhere fairly middle of the pack for most of the season hasn’t sent anybody home so she had no grudges.

Bebe has already won a season so queens may not want to nominate her again and Shangela had sent home 3 queens who are more than likely all out for revenge!

So how does this system work? The queens were asked to pick 2 lipsticks. Their first choice receives 2 votes, their second choice receives 1 vote.

In fact, most queens voted for Kennedy as their first choice to WIN THE FUCKING SEASON?! You know, Kennedy who has been in the bottom more than any, only won 1 lip sync and doesn’t have a strong fan base? This season became RuPaul’s Charity Race.

As it happens, this theory seemed pretty much correct as Shangela only received 1 vote. No, seriously. Shangela who was the front runner for the competition got 1 poxy vote from the eliminated queens. The audience could see this was a joke, so much so that one person created a GoFundMe page for Shangela with the aim of raising $100,000 (the winners prize money) for her.

Kennedy made Top 2… Just let that sink in. Now, I have no beef with her, but come on, that is not really how a season should go down. If I’m being totally honest, I think this was a case of a lot of Bitter Betty’s not wanting to let Shangela win the crown because she sent them home.

The One Redeeming Feature

Now, it would be cruel to have had such a bitter rant about the season without actually talking about the positives. We saw some hilarious scenes in acting challenges, some utterly stunning runway looks and some phenomenal lip syncs so it’s not all doom and gloom. Hell, even with all the injustices of the finale came a great performance.

That, of course, was the Kitty Girl music video challenge which was, in all fairness, fucking epic! Kennedy absolutely slayed, Trixie served you her inner rap star, Shangela gave you professional Beyoncé and Bebe’s portion of the song contained some actual lyrics. Honestly, the whole 1-take music video was truly a work of genius and it really does go to show that these queens are all stars. So let’s not forget that.

What Next?

In the end, we wound up with Trixie Mattel as the winner of All Stars 3. Fair enough, we can all move on with our lives. And That’s exactly how this season felt, it’s like a mild irritant that we’re just waiting to pass by before we can carry on with our lives.

It seems that even the producers of the show want to forget about this logistical nightmare before the torches and pitchforks get brought out by angry twinks and basic white girls everywhere riot.

That would explain the fact that All Stars 3 has just ended. Not even a reunion episode. Instead, we go straight into Season 10 without even a week’s space between one series ending and another starting and act like this was all a dream.

Here’s hoping RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 can right some of the wrongs we have experienced with All Stars.

IKEA x OFF-WHITE: The Collaboration Of Our Dreams

For those of you who may not have heard, last year the  IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration was announced to the world. Now, I don’t know about you, but this has sent my tiny heart into meltdown as I wait for this highly anticipated collection of homeware goods to come to fruition. But what can we expect from this merging of two minds?

Virgil Abloh, the man behind Off-White has been causing quite the stir online thanks to his über cool aesthetic and skills at secrecy around the collaboration.

The information is, sadly, still quite scarce. Even the release date is somewhat of a mystery having not been confirmed yet, but from some of the clues in the imagery, we can (hopefully) expect the collection to come at some point in 2018 if not 2019.

Thanks to the wide range of homeware products available at IKEA, we can only hope and assume that Virgil is going to be bringing us quite the assortment of goodies to fill our homes with.

Now, we don’t have a full list of products that will get the Off-White treatment, but there are a few that have already made their way on to social media.

Now, when you think of IKEA, the ideas of flatpack and affordable furniture circle through your head. But there’s one item that has been purchased millions of times round the world and it usually goes unnoticed.

That, of course, is the classic FRAKTA bag which has become a staple of IKEA’s design thanks to its Balenciaga‘s £1,600 equivalent to the 50p plastic bag that saw the light of day back in 2017.

LEFT: IKEA’s FRAKTA bag. RIGHT: Balenciaga’s leather homage.

The bag has now become somewhat of an ‘anti-fashion’ fashion statement with numerous people customising the bag and using it as base materials for other designs including; shoes, hats and even bras.

When IKEA first announced the collaboration back in 2017, the first thing we saw from the Off-White designs was a reinvention of the FRAKTA bag.

Off-White has gone down a much more tasteful path. The bag has abandoned the bold blue plastic colourings for a more tasteful envelope beige with cream straps and the world “SCULPTURE” across the bag in bold black letters.

Virgil Abloh posing with a prototype FRAKTA bag

Of course Virgil wasn’t going to abandon the idea of giving the infamous big blue bag a makeover. This simple shopping bag now has an cool streetwear feel that you’d gladly take wherever you go.

The photo of the “SCULPTURE” bag was taken in IKEA’s prototypes lab so we aren’t sure whether or not this will make the final cut. But after the popularity and social media attention from Balenciaga’s FRAKTA inspired leather hold-all, it would be surprising for Virgil Abloh to abandon the idea.

Say “YES” To Rugs

From what we’ve seen on Instagram so far, it would appear that the collaboration will feature at least two rug designs. Virgil gave us a sneak peek on social media of a giant red rug with the word “BLUE” in a blue bold font through the middle.

The second design we’ve seen was of a monochromatic interpretation of an Indian rug design. Again, with words to accompany, this rug says “KEEP OFF” in bold white letters.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become a serious rug addict and I hope to own both these designs (and whatever else is coming our way).

Sadly, that’s all the designs we’ve been able to check out so far. But with the Off-White designs kept firmly under lock and key, you know we’re going to be in for a treat.

A Millennials Paradise

Now, millennials get a pretty shitty wrap if truth be told. It’s all “when I was your day I already had a house” and “you snowflakes are always moaning about something”, but in reality, the millennial generation is worse off than when our parents were our age.

Knowing these modern day struggles, the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration set their target market firmly on the millennial first-time-buyers.

The IKEa website put out a statement which says “together, IKEA and OFF-WHITE look for ways to help create a home for millennials who are just starting out their lives.”

“We’re looking at that first phase of adult life, when you start making purchases for your space. Largely people grow up in their parents’ environment. They’ve never had to consider furniture. Then when they’re off on their own and have their own aesthetic, what are their first purchases? I’m interested in thinking about how those purchases are informed.” — Virgil Abloh

It’s a shame really that these days most brands don’t target the youth of today. IKEA has always been an affordable brand for easy to assemble and modern furnishings that perfectly aid the transitional period of parents’ house to first house.

The Life Of A First Time Buyer

I myself have found myself in the difficult position of buying a first house. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m so damn excited to get the keys and move in (it will hopefully be in the next week or so) and one of the main things that keeps rushing through my brain is the thought of affordable furniture. I’ve already been given quite a few hand-me-downs which is kind but I want my first house to be filled with my own aesthetics.

So, with Virgil on the team, us first-time-buyers are going to be in for a real treat when it comes to cool furnishings in a reasonable price range. Bravo, Virgil, Bravo.

What Else Could We Get?

Though it seems unlikely, we may get a couple of items of clothing in the collaboration. Afterall, Katie Eary who previously collaborated with IKEA back in 2016 did bring us a couple of t-shirts as well as her range of homeware. Who knows, we may even get a small clothing range in the store too.

Whatever the outcome, I just hope this collaboration comes soon, because I’m gagging for some interesting furnishings.

Harry Styles Is The New Face Of Gucci – What We Know So Far

Is his name a sheer fluke? I sincerely doubt it. Harry Styles, is a legitimate style icon. The former floppy-haired golden boy of One Direction has been making waves since the band decided to go on hiatus.

He’s got the wardrobe I want on the budget I can’t afford.

It seems the One Direction boys have truly gone off in different directions, with each member targeting different genres of the music industry (granted, some not as strong as others *cough* Louis *cough*).

His debut solo album was a huge success and it also paved the way for his new über cool visual. The new era of the Harry Styles takeover is a cross between Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix and it’s as retro and rockstar as you could ever hope for.

There’s a real air and sophistication to his new-found fashion (not that he was poorly dressed before, but his look has most certainly elevated). Flared trousers, floral patterns, silks and chiffons galore, it’s a modern take on an eccentric dandy.

This being said, it may come as no surprise to find out that Harry Styles has become the new face of Gucci‘s latest tailoring campaign. Of course he has, Styles is the human embodiment of where the brand aims to be in the not so distant future.

To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised it’s taken Gucci this long to get Mr Styles onboard. But fear not, it’s happening now and that’s what we want. Let’s be honest, he’s a good looking man that most of us would love to be (or at least be able to be like).

But what will be the inspiration for the campaign, will it be the glamour and glitz of fame, the rock and roll grit, elegance and sophistication? Well, if you thought it’d be any of those, you’d be miles off.

The location we know of so far is actually far from the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Gucci’s latest tailoring campaign has been shot in the humdrum suburbia of St Albans. 

A little teaser on the official Gucci Instagram account shows a sign from a local fish and chip shop with Harry Styles’ head poking into frame underneath.

It’s been reported that the owner of the fish and chip shop has been paid upwards of £20,000 to have the young rockstar filmed in his restaurant. Other locals have been said to have been paid £50-£100 just for moving their cars for the shoot.

Kids from local schools have also been said to be featuring in the campaign as extras.

Not much else is known about the campaign for now, we only have these images of Harry’s attire to go off, which is quite shabby chic. Though I must say, I’m rather enjoying the bold pink socks and the pale loafers.

“Hand and hound: peeking on set with @harrystyles for the new #GucciTailoring campaign.” Photo: @gucci / Instagram

We’re expecting more teasers to be released over the coming weeks. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this collection to surface. Will we get bright colours? Exquisite tailoring, a nod to suburban life and the suit cuts of yesteryear?

Most likely we’re going to get some broody stares and many giddy teenage girls across the land suddenly having Gucci on their radar thanks to this British heartthrob.

LFWM AW18: Day 1

Another photo I recently stumbled across on the Colours Photo & Film blog. I must say, I was pretty happy with the attention from this cape, sure, it got mixed reviews online, but people at the menswear shows liked it and I enjoyed wearing it and that’s all that matters. I just need more excuses to wear it.

Hopefully when the weather picks up (or we at least have a dry day with no rain or snow), I’ll be able to get some proper use out of it. Now all we need to do is push the fashion in Leeds a bit more.

Photography: Dinendra Haria


#StreetStylePolaroids – LFWM AW18

I missed the simple joys of shooting with a Polaroid in life. My family never had a Polaroid camera so I never got the childhood thrill. I did however get myself a FujiFilm Instax camera a few years back and that was a treat. There’s something strangely calming about shooting with instant film.

A few seasons ago, you may remember that I decided to shoot street style photography using only an Instax camera. I wanted to get a real rawness to the images and get photographs that were different to what all the other photographers were doing, a fresh perspective on the season.

I shot a mixture of famous faces and cool looking people heading from show to show and I even documented London Fashion Week for Atlas Magazine one season with my handy FujiFilm camera.

Last year I finally bit the bullet and purchased my very first Polaroid camera. Originally, my intentions were to buy the new OneStep 2 i-Type camera – a modern take on an old classic. However, me being me, I decided to buy the Taz Cam, a 1999 special addition camera in collaboration with Looney Tunes.

And of course, I bought some coloured framed film to go with it, because if you’ve got the world’s gaudiest Polaroid camera, sophistication and minimalism certainly isn’t something you think about.

Photography: Harry J Bartlett // Lennon Gallagher and co. at the Belstaff presentation

Yes, it was some what of an expensive season of street style for me which is why I only documented a brief bunch of people, however, I had fun and I managed to meet some rather interesting folks. I hope you enjoyed them and who knows, maybe I’ll shoot some more polaroids in the not-so-distant future.

Let me know if you enjoyed the polaroids, if so, I will definitely start taking more. (I just wish they were cheaper!)

LFWM AW18 – Day 2 #OOTD

I’ve not been able to find many images from LFWM of my attire, next season I’ll make sure I take some myself so I can reference them better for the blog.

Day 2 was unbelievably cold, my feet were frozen and I could barely type on my phone as my fingers were going numb. Despite that however, I think I managed to style it out with some ‘northern charm’ and act like all was good.

My suitcase was filled to the brim (that bloody cape took up half the space) so I didn’t think to pack a coat (or even a jumper to wear under the suit). But hey, the show must go on.

You know me by now, if I’m going to be wearing a suit, you know that suit is going to be somewhat ‘standout’ whether that be the accessories or the pattern/colours, I can’t do plain… It’s a curse really.

This year I had also rather excitingly bought myself a backpack. I know how nerdy that sounds, but I haven’t had one for quite some time so it felt like a thrill. The last one I bought was a squiggle print Vivienne Westwood backpack from the Africa collection and, although I loved it very much, it was falling to bits.

My main requirement was to find a bag that I could wear with a suit and it still look smart and sleek. That’s when I decided to by myself a rather boxy backpack from Dr. Martens and I must say, I absolutely adore it! Good job Harold.

All in all, I’m quite happy with this look, I know I wouldn’t be able to wear it everywhere but the suit itself can be worn as separates as it’s striking enough on their own. I might wear the trousers to work tomorrow, I’ve inspired myself just writing this.

Suit: Topman
Shirt: Vivienne Westwood
Tie: Vivienne Westwood
Backpack: Dr. Martens
Pocket Square: YHIM
Glasses: Ray Ban

Oiboy – The Shoplifter Style That’s Stealing The Spotlight

Now, here’s a brand you may not have heard of unless you live ‘daaayynn sarrrfff’. But fear not! I’m here to give you the rundown on a cool new emerging brand that’s not going to break the bank. We call it Oiboy.

The brainchild of two founders, George Langham and Dylan Hartigan, the South London duo use their hometown heritage as their main inspirations for the brand. Walking down the streets, you’re hounded by the same few shops and businesses abusing your eyeballs. Betting shops, skin care brands, off licences and markets all trying to sell you cheap shit that you don’t want or need.

As I say time and time again, fashion should be fun. And when it comes to good humour with clothing, Oiboy are serving it to you with full force.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve all been minding our own business while walking down the street at some point in our lives when we’ve witnessed in a slogan tee that has actually made you laugh. I once saw a very militant lesbian walking down the road with a top that said “it’s a bitch being butch” and it genuinely made me laugh out loud to the point where I thought I might get assaulted.

Regardless, whatever the slogan was, it made you laugh and that’s exactly what Oiboy are doing. They’re making you laugh by spoofing some incredibly well known brands, from beers to betting shops, nothing is sacred once the pair get their hands on it!

All it takes is a couple of rearranged letters, a slight tweak on a well known logo and you’ve got yourself a rather punderful brand. Not all British folk have a stiff upper lip, others are too busy with their tongue-in-cheek humour.

Adding to their take on ‘fast fashion’, Oiboy’s brilliantly named collection Stolen Goods is exactly what you’d expect. Their promotional short film features one of the youths of today coming out of a shop with quick haste – implying that he’s been shoplifting as he runs down the high street stripping off his clobber and throwing aside his garms.

If you haven’t had a gander at the collection properly, you may have missed one of their best features. The hats and some of the tops come with fake security tags, etched with the Oiboy logo. Not only is their collection a blatant piss take out of designers ripping ideas from other designers/companies, they’re now even mocking the fact that their designs are ‘stolen’.

The Oiboy mantra is that “talent borrows, genius steals” and nothing could be more true when you see their collection. Their stand at LFWM’s stand in the BFC’s Designer Showrooms was permanently busy with people fluttering by to cop a glare at what they were producing. These guys are definitely going to be one to watch.

I strongly recommend that you have a gander at their collection. It won’t break the bank… Just promise not to steal it!

“Expelliarmus” London Fashion Week Men’s AW18 – #OOTD

This season was a strange one because it felt like I hadn’t stepped foot in London for years (despite heading to London fairly regularly). I don’t quite know what it was, it just felt… different. But alas, I was excited to be back and I was ready to see some shows.

Day 1 of LFWM and, as always, it’s fun to make an entrance. And so that’s exactly what I did. With some vintage flares, gold penises on my jacket and a huge fucking cape, I was on my merry way.

Now, I don’t know what particularly inspired me with the outfit, but I’ve been feeling a lot of love for of flares recently. Yes, you heard that right. Flares, the 60’s/70s trousers that look like something you’d see The Bee Gees in. I don’t know where my sudden fixation came from, but I just suddenly started buying them. I now own at least 5 pairs in different spans, fabrics and colours. They all look lovely with my cuban heels. Yes, I also love cuban heels. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade?

Photography: Kirstin Sinclair

Photography: Kirstin Sinclair

The cape, as you would probably expect, divided opinion. Though the attendees of LFWM appeared to be enjoying this oversized accessory, some folks on social media didn’t. A photograph of me heading to a show at 180 Strand appeared on the New York Times fashion segment’s Instagram account (@nytimesfashion) where they appeared to be enjoying my look. However, some of the commenters felt I bared some resemblance to Harry Potter or a Jedi. I’ve left some of the comments attached so you can get a feel for the vibe.

I’ve got pretty thick skin, obviously, or I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear half the shit that I do. These comments were relatively tame and did give me a good giggle. And that’s the point, fashion should be fun! It should be debated, discussed, humoured and enjoyed.

Cape: Vivienne Westwood
Blazer: Vivienne Westwood
Penis Chain: Vivienne Westwood
Tartan Flares: Vintage
Tie: Vivienne Westwood
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Glasses: Ollie Quinn
Cuban Heels: Asos

LFWM AW18 – A Rather Brief Rundown

As usual, this post is a little delayed, but hey! Another season of London Fashion Week Men’s is over. And although the grandiose thrill of LFWM – formerly London Collections: Men – is slowly dying out, the sheer joy of seeing phenomenal clothes/accessories from incredible designers is still there.

Now, maybe I just sound like a bit of an old crank harping on about ‘the good old days’ but honestly, there’s a change to the menswear season in London and though I do welcome change, it’s not one that I’m particularly enjoying. Now, this season, the days were shortened from 4 to 3. So, I thought because the past few seasons have been dwindling a little with the business of the days after designers have pulled out, this for me meant that by removing a day, a jam-packed schedule would be back on the horizon… Sadly not, it felt as sparse as it did before but hey, it meant that my feet weren’t as sore from running around London.

This season I thought it was about time that I brought a camera with me. I mean, why not, it’s not like I have a degree in photography or anything 😬. A few seasons ago, I decided to take a quirky approach to shooting street style with a FujiFilm Instax camera. Like last time, I thought I’d go with the good old polaroid format rather than a DSLR and so that’s exactly what I did.

You may remember from my previous post that I bought myself a rather peculiar polaroid. I bought the Polaroid Taz Cam, a rare 1999 edition in collaboration with Looney Tunes. And with such a strange looking camera on my arm, I would be a bit of a dullard if I didn’t buy myself some swanky film to go with it. Of course, I bought myself the ‘Coloured Frames Edition‘ film And just look at how beautiful it is!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve rambled on long enough, I promise to try and be a bit more punctual with the other posts. I will have some more coming soon. I’m currently in the process of buying a house so I’ve been a bit preoccupied with blogging (but this year I aim to get into it more, so please bare with me).

But enough about the humdrum backstory of my personal life, on with the shows!