FAB (Fashion Against Bullying)

Hey everyone, today I have been sent a rather interesting email and I think you should all give it a read.


We’ve seen your fabulous looks & know that you have the power to influence.

As fashion lover, you might be aware of the rising issue of fashion bullying. That is why we want to invite you to participate in the launching of Fashion Against Bullying (FAB), an online campaign which strives to spread awareness and take a stand against fashion bullying.

Being judged for your look because you don’t dress like everyone else is no joking matter. Remember when you were still in high school? Maybe you might have been a victim of such bullying yourself! “Wierdo”, “ugly”, “short”, “nerd”, “fat”, “fag” are words that bullies often use to hurt.

It’s time to make a difference now. Take a stand & be an inspiraton to those who are still suffering in fear silently. Give them courage to be strong. Let your photo contribution & words of encouragement be the light of hope for them, because hope is good. Hope is always good.

How to contribute?
Step 1: Grab any old white T-shirt
Step 2: Put FAB logo on it. Draw or download it
Step 3: Tell us your bully word(s)
Step 4: Upload your look to FAB (www.supportfab.com)

I think this is a great idea to show you’re support for anti-bullying campaigns but in a fashion-forward sense.

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