Busy Little Bee

Hey Guys!
Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging in what feels like a lifetime.
I have been ridiculously busy with moving back down to Falmouth to start my 2nd year on the Fashion Photography course at University College Falmouth but hopefully I can get all the exciting things i’ve been doing over summer onto my blog ASAP !

As you know, I have been a part of the show Summer Daze with Blackberry on Channel 4 and I went to 2 brilliant festivals; Global Gathering and Standon Calling. [Episode 5 & 6 on 4OD]
It was such a fun experience to be a part of and I met some incredibly exciting and fun people. The Summer Daze wrap party in London was also a rather fine vent and a really nice way to get to meet up with the cast and crew again. Since coming back to Falmouth, I have had various freshers coming up to me and yelling “Mate, you’re on that Summer Daze program aren’t you?” Which as embarrassing as it is, does inflate my ego ever so slightly.

After that I got the chance to work with Claudia Behnke, an amazing stylist who I worked with on a project of an Indian Couture fashion exhibition celebrating the work of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and the photographer Ram Serghill who had released a book of work using the beautiful collection of clothing. Again, I met some incredibly interesting people including Daniel Lismore and I even saw Judie Dench (a true national treasure). I then went to Daniel Lismore’s after party where I met one of my heroes of Fashion Illustration, Achraf Amiri (who I am hoping to interview at some point this year).

The week after I was at London Fashion Week where I had the privilege of working with Candid Magazine. I attended some beautiful shows and hung out with some incredible people including my friend Jay Camilleri of Dirty, Sexy Things and Channelle from Styled To Rock which was a blast. Managed to get a few front row seats and came back with a hell of a lot of goodie bags and gifts. It was also the first time I had attended the Handpicked Media Suite with the blogging team.
I also interviewed one of my heroes in fashion, Pandemonia and I will possibly be interviewing Kate Nash later on in the year.

2012 has been a rather good year and lets hope 2013 follows suit


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