#ClothesShowLive: Birmingham NEC Arena

Clothes Show Live

Over the past week, I have been working with a small team of students from the Fashion Department of Falmouth University to represent the 3 courses; Fashion Photography, Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear. Plus a new Fashion Marketing course starting in September.
The Clothes Show wasn’t quite what I expected but we still had fun.
It was quite a bizarre experience being surrounded by so many vintage stores, makeup booths that could make anyone feel sick with the strong smells of perfume fermenting throughout the venue and 13 year old girls running around with Juicy Couture tracksuits and Paul’s Boutique bags under each arm. That aside, the University & College stalls were quite a calm and interesting place to wander round. The Falmouth University stall had quite a lot of on-lookers, probably due to the fact we would commit to the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance each time it was played (approximately 9 times a day) and trying on the clothing designed by Kelly Jordan (which featured in the catwalk show) was also a bonus.
A curse to all those working was the Diet Coke runway which was right next to our stall, with the same monotonous chart-pop blasting through the speakers on a repetitive 5 song loop, the runway did attract many visitors to the Falmouth booth after the show had finished.
I met quite a lot of interesting people at Clothes Show Live, including; Henry Holland, Amy Childs, Jamie Lang, Charlie Speed, Grace Woodward, BB Kaye (Dirty, Sexy Things) and the cast of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model (to name but a few).

Pictures will be uploaded shortly, so brace yourself and I will try and give you all a rundown of the event.



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