007 Gold Limited Edition fragrance for men

Looking for a last minute Christmas present for the men you know?
The 007 fragrance turns gold for Christmas to celebrate half a century of wit and audacity of James Bond bottled up into a sleek and dangerously sophisticated golden bottle with a beautifully understated embossed ‘007’ logo, perfect for any James Bond enthusiast.
007 Has always captured the imagination of men and the hearts of women. So if you’re still pondering over what to buy your Dad, brother, uncle etc. Why not give them the official cologne of the British super-spy, who has become one of the most iconic figures in Britain since It all began 50 years ago.
Final Gold KV
Gold has always been synonymous with Bond, connoting the purest expression of power and luxury and the gold flacon of the bottle also shares these values of finesse and flair.
The 007 fragrance is a signature scent for the Bond man: a fusion of traditionally authentic and British ingredients shaping a classic fragrance with a modern twist.
We are now in the Golden Anniversary of the British spy who has captured the collective imagination of the world with his masculinity, charm and elegance. He is the quintessential icon with whom men identify. A symbol of savoir faire, an untouchable fantasy and the ultimate male icon.

You can buy the cologne in 50ml and 75ml (depending on where you look).
Stores include; Harrods, Debenhams, Boots, The Perfume Shop and The Fragrance Shop

The perfect stocking filler for men this years make sure you buy yours…

You have 007 days to go

Gold bottle 007


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