Pre-Fashion Week Opening Party with #HPMLFW, hosted by Pritch

So sorry for all the delayed posts regarding London Fashion Week, it’s been hectic travelling back down to Falmouth and trying to get my university life back in order as well as getting the content of my blog up.
Anyway, this year I was invited back to the #HPMLFW Pre-Fashion Week party which, this year was in Kingly Court on Carnaby Street. The location was perfect and with champagne and good conversation flowing, it made it even better!
This year, the opening party was hosted by designer Ariana Pritch who has created some of the most beautiful rebellious rock meets classic chic leather jackets I have ever seen! Accompanied by shoes designed by Karen El-Khazen, this beautiful vision really had the bloggers in awe as we gazed longingly at the clothing and thought to ourselves “I wonder which pieces I could pinch without her noticing?”, the answer was sadly none of them to my disappointment but we were asked to try on our favourite pieces and get a photograph wearing the pieces… Naturally, I went for the centre piece, a beautiful fitted leather jacket with a huge leather train. (It’s not like me to try on something ‘tame’).
The night was a huge success and I got to meet some incredible bloggers (and amazing designers) in the process. Roll on September Fashion Week !


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