#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Behind The Scenes

As you have probably gathered from my numerous messages, the big day as it’s this year’s Falmouth Fashion Show featuring graduate Fashion + Performance Sportswear Design students final collections before venturing into the big wide world.
There are a lot of great pieces this year, opening with Rebecca Jayne Taylor and Owen Bennet who graduated last year and will be opening the event with a beautiful collaborated collection.
There will also be lots of fashion films and previews from 2nd year Fashion Photography students so it should over all be an excellent event !
The first show is starting in just 10 minutes and the evening show will be starting at 7pm.
Oh, and don’t forget to join us all at Event Square at 9pm, we’ll be in the massive marque put right in the centre which will feature films, photography and collections from the all subjects within the fashion department at Falmouth University.
I will be on twitter + posting photos on instagram all day (as well as tweeting the show LIVE from 7pm) so follow me @HarryJBartlett

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