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Trend Tracker:- iPhone App

It would appear that I have been spotted on the Trend Tracker app. 
My friend found this image of me at London Fashion Week AW13
Quite flattered if i’m honest, even if I am ‘cleverly composed trash’


Harry J Bartlett @ LFW AW13: Day 4 by Charlotte Lake


At Somerset House, DAY 4 at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’13
Photography: Charlotte Victoria Lake

Harry J Bartlett @ LFW AW13: Day 3 by Charlotte Lake



This photograph was taken by Charlotte Victoria Lake when we attended the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show at the Saatchi Gallery. 
A beautifully modern collection filled with colour and style that we were both ecstatic to be able to attend.

Harry J Bartlett & Beth Carter Crosby: London Fashion Week AW13 DAY1

London Fashion Week AW13 Day 4

Harry J Bartlett by Marcus DawesA shot that appeared in ‘The Daily Fashion’ newspaper at London Fashion Week AW13 
My other looks are available by clicking the link below:

Also, check out Marcus Dawes’ website at the events he has been snapping 



LFW AW13: Day 5 Outfit Photography

Photography: Jade ‘Fox’ Willis

You can see all of Fox’s exciting adventures at London Fashion Week and her other escapades. http://gildedfoxes.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/london-fashion-week-aw-13-street-style/

Sunglasses: Market Stall
Shirt: Vivienne Westwood
Jacket: Virgin Blak
Belt: Vintage
Trousers: River Island
Shoes: Virgin Blak
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Harry J Bartlett feature on ‘Men Style Fashion’

I found an article on menstylefashion.com about my style at London Fashion Week.
The article is written by the fabulous Gracie Opulanza and photography by Maria Scard.
Have a gander at the article and the rest of the website… There are some pretty exciting things to read:


Grey Suit – Pinstripe Shirts & Chunky Printed Ties
The grey suit has been a huge trend since the launch of James Bond last year.  But this fine gentleman has taken it to a whole youthful level.  And one that you guys need to embrace for 2013.  Grey is a perfect basecolour to add  too. You just need to decide your own colors, patterns  you would wear to define your suit personality.  Grey can be seen as a very boring. How ever this guy just shows us that if you think about right you can pull it off as being very stylish. Image

Pinstripe Shirts
This colourful, exaggerated pinstripe shirt is what is making the grey suit look youthful. It just adds fun, personality to what can be seen as dull. It’s a perfect colour for those winter blue days.

ImageChunky Retro Ties
This tie just rocks. The prints and its width is why any man needs to get his neck around this growing trend.  The combination of both tie and shirt has just completed his look and turns a simple vest into the modern businessman.  Jobs are hard to come by and it’s all about standing out and being remembered.

The Specs
It’s all in the finishing touches. Try on as many specs as you can to make sure it completes you overall look.

Grey Trench Coat
Wearing grey on grey can  be very grim.  Though due to all the added colorful shirt and the printed tie. He just clearly shows us it’s all about taking risks. In this case, well worth it.

Manbags &  Shoes
The man and his bag were seen everywhere at London fashion Week and we are loving it. His white chunky shoes is why this gentleman defines menstylefashion. The Hair

He certainly knows what hair style works with his features and in this case his suit. Don’t skimp on cutting your own hair? Make sure you invest in a good hairdresser and products.


Harry J Bartlett x Felix McCabe

London Fashion Week A/W13 @ Somerset House
I was sent a link to this photo by my friend Flora who was one of the cast members I met when I was on Summer Daze with Blackberry last year.
It was one of her friends who had taken this photograph (and i’m glad he did).

Have a look at some of Felix’s other photos from London Fashion Week and other adventures here: https://www.facebook.com/FelixMcCabePhotos

V Magazine: #LFW All Night


“London Fashion Week is in full swing, which means London night life is competing with the runway’s high drama levels. Some of the best talent in fashion and music came together last night to play music and to celebrate the day’s shows. The fashion crowd joined DJs Princess Julia, King Charles, and many more at Dalston Superstore in support of the charity Shelter England.”

Photography: Babis Petridis

As you can see, here is a pic of my startled looking self on the the V Magazine website while attending a Fashion Party at the Dalston Superstore. This was quite a quirky little venue with brilliant music from King Charles (who I love) and many others.
It was nice to be able mingle and network with people as most fashion parties end up being a large, crowded rave without any chance of even mild conversation, this one was very different and I thoroughly enjoyed it… A brilliant end to DAY3 of London Fashion Week

Have a gander at the article:

Harry J Bartlett & Byron London in ‘The Daily’ newspaper @ LFW

Image http://instagram.com/p/V3wiivEEyH/

DAY3 Outfit
In the ‘The Daily’ Fashion paper at London Fashion Week with Byron London

Jacket: Vintage from San Francisco (made from a real US Flag)
T-Shirt: Vivienne Westwood print by Sinthesis
Tartan Kilt: Charity Shop
Tartan Jeans: Camden Market
Boots: Dr. Martens