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LFWM Day 2 @ 180 Strand

A poor drunken attempt at a fashion hop. Well, someone had to I suppose. Sadly, I look more like a startled Zebra.
hjb-x-kinographyJacket: KTZ
Shirt: Pretty Green
Trousers: Topman
Boots: Zara
Hat: Laird Hatters
Bag: Reiss
Scarf: Thomas Farthing
Bracelet: Maketh-The-Man

Callum Watt (Maketh-The-Man), Harry J Bartlett, Jade Angeles Fitton & David Gandy doing the ‘Blue Steel’ with the Ben Stiller poster.

ImageThis was a quick snap of the gang at David’s private viewing of Zoolander in  the cinema room of The Hospital Club at the London Collections: Men shows. 
Check out the new Comic Relief campaign: ‘The Blue-Steel Appeal’ which David will be fronting. 

London Collections: Men

Hey Guys
Sorry for the delays (I moved back down to Falmouth straight after LCM and I haven’t had chance to unpack everything and sort my life out again).
Anyway, I’m back now, settled in to university life again and ready to get back to blogging.

I had such an incredible time at the London Collections Menswear shows and I got the opportunity to go to some big events and some amazing shows.

Where do I begin? Well, I went to London primarily to meet up with a Fashion House about doing work experience in the near future (and it went well).
After that I figured I should go see some shows as I had the time and come on, its Menswear?!

As a lot of you already know, I met David Gandy back in March 2012 and as we’ve kept in touch, he’s been a really generous and kind person towards me and I cannot thank him enough for the opportunities he has given me at the Menswear shows.
I was waiting outside the Topman Show Space venue (for the Topman Design show), hoping to get in despite not having a ticket. A sudden blitz of camera flashes went off behind me and there he was, David had arrived. I said a quick hello and asked how he was doing, he then asked me if I had a ticket to the show (and unfortunately, no I didn’t) he then pulled me to the front of the queue, and went inside, by this point everyone was looking at me, he then came back outside (to more snaps and shouts) and he just casually looks me in the eye and says “Come on Harry, you’re in”… Well, as you could probably have guessed, I was rapturous! As I wandered into what looked like a very chic warehouse building, I was approached by a security guard; Andrew from South Africa, who noticed I was with David and asked me “Where is your ticket?” By this point I was terrified and I notified him that David had got me into the show and he just said “No problem, any other shows you want to come see, just give me a shout on the door and I will sort you out”. And that is exactly what happened, I turned up at the MAN collection later that day, grabbed myself a free beer, met with David again and said thank you to Andrew.
I had lots of other things to do afterwards so I didn’t get the chance to attend any other shows, maybe next time. Day 1 complete!

The second day I had a lot of things to do, so I was wandering here there and everywhere around London (bit of last minute shopping and purchasing as many fashion magazines as my wallet and my shoulder could handle).
I decided to get check out the Hospital Club location where I met up with Callum Watt (better known as Maketh-The-Man; jewellery designer and menswear blogger) and we decided to have a nosey around the show rooms, check out the accessories room and the clothing rooms. After that we decided to go to the champagne reception and press event where David Gandy was talking about his new Comic Relief campaign, the “Blue-Steel Appeal”, taken from the pose made famous by Ben Stiller in the film Zoolander. This was a great chance to meet other bloggers, fashion fans and press and again, David came over to say hello and invited me and Callum to watch Zoolander in the small cinema room upstairs. (Another champagne reception) so by this point I was starting to chill out and enjoy my beverages. Again, another fantastic experience and such a bizarre event, watching a film during Menswear Collections that mocks male models and the fashion industry, with the UK’s leading male super model and a room full of fashionistas, but my god, what a fun night it was, all topped off with a few more drinks and a chinese!

[Pictures to be uploaded shortly]