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BIG SHOP by Harry J Bartlett

big shop lidl

BIG SHOP was a editorial shot in my final year at Falmouth University. I was inspired by Roisin Murphy’s ‘Overpowered‘ album artwork and music videos which feature the singer wearing an eclectic mix of high fashion attire.
I wanted to mix the mundanity of a weekly shop and general routines and outings with the eccentricity of wearing unique fashions.
It was important for my models to not appear to be particularly confident or braggadocious, the clothing was the feature of my shoot but not the narrative. I wanted my models to look like women going about their everyday business in a variety of drab locations.
The garments used were created by 3rd year Fashion Design + Performance Sportswear Design students from Falmouth University.

big shop vegbig shop cafe big shop fish big shop laundrettebig shop pub

Photography & Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Models: Cleo Lim & Emma Hughes (with thanks to my child model Baylin)
Assistants: Leo, Damien, Jacob, Ashely, Sophie
Designers: Sophie Molyneux, Millie Melbourne, Jacob Stevens, Ashley Piggott, Jessika Winstanley


Final Hand-In

I apologise for the lack of posts recently, but it has been a pretty hectic time of year.
Today I handed in my final project for my Fashion Photography degree at Falmouth University and it feels bloody great!
In the morning I head to London to set up our graduate exhibition; Picture 24 which launches on Thursday @ 6:30pm in Soho.
As I haven’t posted any of my work recently, I thought i’d give you a little teaser of some of the things you can expect to see at the exhibition. I hope you enjoy



Don’t forget to join our event page for the exhibition to keep up to date with what’s happening
I hope to see you all there

Picture 24 opens at 6:30pm on the 22nd of May
55 Dean Street,

Show5 x Lucy Hawes & Eve McGovren

You guys have to check out this fashion film!
This was created by two 3rd year BA (Hons) Fashion Photography students and using garments from this year’s graduate Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear Design students.

‘Arranged, shot and produced in under two weeks, Falmouth Fashion Photography students Lucy Hawes and Eve McGovren present to you an A-Z of Falmouth Graduate designers. Practicing fashion film for the past two years, this is their final farewell film before graduating and heading to the big city. Third of a list of short films they have produced as a partnership, they have formed their own mini production company ‘ELU’. In preparation of the up coming fashion show, this film gives you a taste of fresh talent to leave Falmouth this year. Watch this space.’

#Picture24 Exhibition: update

As of this morning, we successfully reached our target to raise £5000 for our graduate Fashion Photography exhibition in Central London.
It was a close call but we managed to push through with minutes to spare.
I wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who has pledged money and everyone who shared the links on various social media platforms.
As more and more details happen regarding our exhibition, I will let you know dates and locations as it would be great if people would come down and check out what all the hard efforts and stress have gone towards in the 3 years of doing my BA (Hons) Fashion Photography degree at Falmouth University.

picture 24 logo

MINK by Harry J Bartlett

I thought i’d create a simple composition, mixing colour coloured images with black and white… using no more than a mink stole as a headpiece.

Photography + Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Model: Nat Blackbourn
Assistant: Jade Willis & Louise Honey


NEON by Harry J Bartlett

A recent shoot, there wasn’t necessarily a theme, I just wanted to play around with styling and editing.
It was a pretty chilled out shoot and we had fun playing around in the studio.

Photography + Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Model: Nat Blackbourn
Assistant: Jade Willis & Louise Honey

Neon by Harry J Bartlett

Rebecca Jayne Taylor; Falmouth Fashion Show 2013

This year, Falmouth University decided to open the 3rd year fashion show with a blast from the past. Falmouth Graduate, Rebecca Jayne Taylor opened the show with a sensational (and brand new) 10 piece collection which combines high fashion with performance sportswear.
“A lot or research went into the Art Deco period and I looked at symmetrical patterns and directional lines. The bold colours that were used and the geometric patterns formed a large part of the inspiration behind the collection.
Working with the waste and surplus materials provided by Gore-Tex meant that I was constantly having to improvise on the design works in terms of pattern construction and colour. It’s not like getting a ready made piece of fabric from the factory that you can cut your pattern from.
Using the laminate material meant that I was able to create functional and technical garments. The fact that I was able to adapt the way in which I applied and heat taped the seams gave me the opportunity to produce designs that had a strong visual effect and the array of colours that Gore-Tex provide added to the overall aesthetic of the collection.
The laminate materials are very easy to work with and it is the technical properties of the Gore-Tex material that attracted me to this “Up-Cycle” project as I was able to be extremely creative and produce functional waterproof garments.” – Rebecca Jayne Taylor

If you want to see more of the work RJT has been getting up to, have a gander at her blog which shows off all her behind the scenes action as well as features and her escapades



Photography: Beccy Nuthall

Alice Chalk x Harry J Bartlett

Here is a shot I snapped for the Falmouth Fashion Show 2013
I had so much fun shooting this look as I wanted to play around and have fun with such a creative garment.
I don’t think my model really had any idea what I was trying to do till she saw it on the screen afterwards but I am really happy it worked out the way it did

Alice Chalk’s ‘Cumulus Billow’ is a hand-knitted and stretch jersey womenswear collecton. The colours and textures of the pieces draw their inspiration from cloud formations, while the inventive style of the knitting is modelled on climbing knots. Playsuits, jumpers, dresses and leggings are all topped off with chunky hand-knit hooded capes.

You should check her out; avchalk.tumblr.com

Model: Olivia Keane

Alice Chalk's Cumulus Billows by Harry J Bartlett

Alice Chalk’s Cumulus Billows by Harry J Bartlett

#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Model Briefing

Cheeky behind the scenes snap in the Fish Factory of the models getting their morning briefing.

#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Behind The Scenes

As you have probably gathered from my numerous messages, the big day as it’s this year’s Falmouth Fashion Show featuring graduate Fashion + Performance Sportswear Design students final collections before venturing into the big wide world.
There are a lot of great pieces this year, opening with Rebecca Jayne Taylor and Owen Bennet who graduated last year and will be opening the event with a beautiful collaborated collection.
There will also be lots of fashion films and previews from 2nd year Fashion Photography students so it should over all be an excellent event !
The first show is starting in just 10 minutes and the evening show will be starting at 7pm.
Oh, and don’t forget to join us all at Event Square at 9pm, we’ll be in the massive marque put right in the centre which will feature films, photography and collections from the all subjects within the fashion department at Falmouth University.
I will be on twitter + posting photos on instagram all day (as well as tweeting the show LIVE from 7pm) so follow me @HarryJBartlett