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Show5 x Lucy Hawes & Eve McGovren

You guys have to check out this fashion film!
This was created by two 3rd year BA (Hons) Fashion Photography students and using garments from this year’s graduate Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear Design students.

‘Arranged, shot and produced in under two weeks, Falmouth Fashion Photography students Lucy Hawes and Eve McGovren present to you an A-Z of Falmouth Graduate designers. Practicing fashion film for the past two years, this is their final farewell film before graduating and heading to the big city. Third of a list of short films they have produced as a partnership, they have formed their own mini production company ‘ELU’. In preparation of the up coming fashion show, this film gives you a taste of fresh talent to leave Falmouth this year. Watch this space.’


#Picture24 Exhibition: update

As of this morning, we successfully reached our target to raise £5000 for our graduate Fashion Photography exhibition in Central London.
It was a close call but we managed to push through with minutes to spare.
I wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who has pledged money and everyone who shared the links on various social media platforms.
As more and more details happen regarding our exhibition, I will let you know dates and locations as it would be great if people would come down and check out what all the hard efforts and stress have gone towards in the 3 years of doing my BA (Hons) Fashion Photography degree at Falmouth University.

picture 24 logo

Rebecca Jayne Taylor; Falmouth Fashion Show 2013

This year, Falmouth University decided to open the 3rd year fashion show with a blast from the past. Falmouth Graduate, Rebecca Jayne Taylor opened the show with a sensational (and brand new) 10 piece collection which combines high fashion with performance sportswear.
“A lot or research went into the Art Deco period and I looked at symmetrical patterns and directional lines. The bold colours that were used and the geometric patterns formed a large part of the inspiration behind the collection.
Working with the waste and surplus materials provided by Gore-Tex meant that I was constantly having to improvise on the design works in terms of pattern construction and colour. It’s not like getting a ready made piece of fabric from the factory that you can cut your pattern from.
Using the laminate material meant that I was able to create functional and technical garments. The fact that I was able to adapt the way in which I applied and heat taped the seams gave me the opportunity to produce designs that had a strong visual effect and the array of colours that Gore-Tex provide added to the overall aesthetic of the collection.
The laminate materials are very easy to work with and it is the technical properties of the Gore-Tex material that attracted me to this “Up-Cycle” project as I was able to be extremely creative and produce functional waterproof garments.” – Rebecca Jayne Taylor

If you want to see more of the work RJT has been getting up to, have a gander at her blog which shows off all her behind the scenes action as well as features and her escapades



Photography: Beccy Nuthall

#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Round Up

A nice and simple post showing a few pieces from each designer from this years Falmouth Fashion Show 2013 .
I thoroughly enjoyed this years show and so I thought I would let you guys see a range of looks from each designer to get a glimpse in to the fashion department of Falmouth. There was a really strong mixture of designs, concepts and colours which proved popular with the audience. There was so much variety from each designer which means that there were no two collections were the same… Job well done Falmouth !

All looks are by 3rd year Fashion and Performance Sportswear Design students at Falmouth University

Runway Photography by Beccy Nuthall (2nd Year Fashion Photography)

Prits Gosal
C3: Colour, Culture, CLASH!
Variety is the spice of life

Bea Labana
Frivolous Excess
Colours speak all languages

Jodie Miller
White & Blackmore
Heritage inspired, with a contemporary aesthetic

Gemma Perry
Technical Knitwear

Knit something new
Gemma_Perry01 2Gemma_Perry01

Jade Callan
The Pattern within the Pattern
Breaking the rules, exploring dimensions
Jade_callan01 copyJade_callan01Jade_callan02

Jemma Cooper
The Eventers Wardrobe

All I dream about is ponies

Lucy Gardner
Hello Velo
Performance cycle-wear for fast folk

Becky Riddel
Fresh, minimalist 90s inspired activewear

Carl Williams
Urban Cyclist
Urban, all weather cycle-wear

Sophie Green
A fusion of colour and cultures

Emma Wall
Summer Daze
Playful and feminine womenswear

Miren Chamberlain Ortega
Urban Mountain
Miren_chamberlain_ortega01 copyMiren_Chamberlain_Ortega02

Rachel Morgan-John
Tailored To Explore
Hi Ho off to work we go


Charlotte Ham
Modern Significance
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Einstein


Charlotte Stowe
No Ceilings, No Walls
How far can an open mind take you?

Laura Koncki
Fanciful Notions
A rusted daydream

Laura Craddock
“No begininning, no end – always.” – Lautner

Will Fellows
Little Otters
Children’s adventure clothing

April-Joanna Burrows
Ethics, aesthetics, function – no compromise.

Chris Proctor
My Favourite Parks Are Car Parks
Celebrating brutalism and youth culture

Katie Murphy
Nervous About Colour
Bright, embellished womenswear with a floral twist

Circe Bloom
By Circle: C1
This is running clothing

Alice Tuff
Not An Imitation Of Nature

Bernie Melody
Chemical Elegance
Science meets fashion through womenswear


Jo Eaton
A Clash Of Cultures
Pattern Thai-ing together identities


Alice Chalk
Cumulus Billows
Soft, quirky, innovative hand knitted womenswear


Hilde Hundsnes
Sustainable collection inspired by the lifespan of vintage clothing

Mark Yau
Beacon Of Atheanai
Luxury fashion sportswear hybrid


Katie Garner
Serene Futurology
Womenswear for a cruise in orbit

Jacob Cleave
The New Model Army
‘Kernow Bys Vyken’ (Cornwall Forever)

Dolly Sylvester 
The British Are Back
Individual and eccentric, the best way to be
dolly_sylvester01 2Dolly_Sylvester01dolly_sylvester02


Sara Trewin
That Is All You Are, A Silhouette From Afar
Progressive street style womenswear

Jess Hill
Technical dressage wear


Nkumbu Mutambo
Candy Girls
Nostalgia for the everyday


Olie Start
Anthropology Homme
Twisted Tailoring

Bryn Pratt-Boyden
Edgy, raw edged Japanese aesthetic
bryn_pratt_boyden01 2Bryn_Pratt_Boyden01bryn_pratt_boyden02

Joely Woodward
A collection that allows you to be the best version of yourself

Alex Claydon
Contemporary mens street wear

Naomi Allen
The Princess & The Pea
Womenswear for the inner child
naomi_allen01 copynaomi_allen06

#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Model Briefing

Cheeky behind the scenes snap in the Fish Factory of the models getting their morning briefing.

#FalmouthFashionShow2013; model fittings

Yesterday was bloody hectic getting everything organised for today’s shows.
Lots of stress and running around but my god, the collections are stunning !
There are a lot of beautiful garments that I want to put pictures of online but I can’t, after the show anything goes so if you haven’t had chance to see the show, you will get a chance to see some of my personal highlights.
Here’s a few cheeky teasers I think I can get away with;