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BIG SHOP by Harry J Bartlett

big shop lidl

BIG SHOP was a editorial shot in my final year at Falmouth University. I was inspired by Roisin Murphy’s ‘Overpowered‘ album artwork and music videos which feature the singer wearing an eclectic mix of high fashion attire.
I wanted to mix the mundanity of a weekly shop and general routines and outings with the eccentricity of wearing unique fashions.
It was important for my models to not appear to be particularly confident or braggadocious, the clothing was the feature of my shoot but not the narrative. I wanted my models to look like women going about their everyday business in a variety of drab locations.
The garments used were created by 3rd year Fashion Design + Performance Sportswear Design students from Falmouth University.

big shop vegbig shop cafe big shop fish big shop laundrettebig shop pub

Photography & Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Models: Cleo Lim & Emma Hughes (with thanks to my child model Baylin)
Assistants: Leo, Damien, Jacob, Ashely, Sophie
Designers: Sophie Molyneux, Millie Melbourne, Jacob Stevens, Ashley Piggott, Jessika Winstanley


Urban_Youth:_Lacoix_ by Harry_J_Bartlett

Photography + Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Models: Elliot Baker + Jade Willis

La Croix by Harry J BartlettI wanted to create an androgynous ‘twins’ feel with these models, both have incredibly individual features with platinum blonde hair and piercings mean that these two really appear to be a part of todays ‘Urban Youth’. Paired with classic Christian Lacroix long-sleeved tops and a face full of attitude adds a real “don’t-give-a-shit”, capturing everything I believe we see in the youth of today.


A quick teaser from my second shoot for my “Urban Youth” project, ‘The Youth Of Today’.
This was such a chilled out shoot, wandering around Falmouth in the sun, casually taking photographs as I go along. It was great shooting Jade and Elliot who have a great on (and off) camera friendship which came across in the photographs. 

MODELS: Jade ‘Fox’ Willis, Elliot Baker