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This Charming Man – Robert J Railton

ThisCharmingManPortrait by RJRI have been living in London for around 2 months now. Still career hunting but somehow surviving. So far all is grand but christ on a bike I would love some British Legal Tender to come my way soon.

Anyway, today is not a day to be a Moaning Minnie, the sun is shining and after last nights deep clean of my bedroom, I now feel like I have a rather respectable place to rest my weary head.

I’ve been on the prowl for some weird and wonderful things to make my room feel less like an old 90’s office space with a bed dumped in and more like a boudoir of kitsch and colourful fixtures and so far I have been blessed with some treasures.

My good friend (and talented artist) Robert kindlyencapsulated my sub-par handsomeness and taste for tack and presented it in a beautiful little art piece for me. This lovely little portrait was kindly gifted as “something for the wall” in the new residence.
Those of you keep up to speed with my adventures on Instagram, you will probably have seen Robert appear a few times with me in Street Style photographs taken at various seasons of London Collections: Men usually in unplanned but rather complimentary attire. We have dubbed ourselves as the Artful Dodger and Fagin of fashion.hjb and rjr x unlimited by jkRobert’s motivations were to capture the self assembly spirit of street style, using collage and mixed media materials to emulate the sense of the subjects dress style; colour texture etc.

“As a subject, I appreciate individualism maverick spirit, i’m fascinated when i recognize traits of historical figures and icon characters in my muses…Harry is a mix of 80’s pop frivolity, regency dandy and matinee idol – a child of the Blitz Generation.”

I would strongly recommend checking out Robert’s other works: http://www.saatchiart.com/rjrailton and to get an idea of his many inspirations and escapades, check out his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/robertjohnrailton/

A-Level Photography students study Harry J Bartlett’s GLITCH portraits

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my friend spotted a video on YouTube where an A-Level photography class had used my “GLITCH” editorial as an artist of reference for a unit of work based on distortion.
George Robinson-White, teacher of Art & Photography at TAHS introduced the students to my work and me as a contemporary artist, looking at my unique take on photographic portraiture.
The students analysed my work and were asked to create their own interpretation of my glitch portraits as well as using me as a contemporary artist reference for their A-Level essays.
I’m flattered to know that my work is being shown to a new generation of potential photographers and artists. I didn’t expect my glitch series to be something students would study as part of an A-Level project or even to be referring to me as an artist.

Laura Moran x Harry J Bartlett

Laura Moran x Harry J Bartlett


merry glitchmas 8

Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett

I had the pleasure and the privilege to stay with my brother from another mother this Summer while I got in deep with the job hunt.
I met Sam Way at London Collections: Men a few seasons back at the Topman Design collection and then a night of skanking and slut-dropping at the Superdry after party.
Sam is a great model and a brilliant musician (so I would strongly recommend checking out his music, his new single Bucketlist is a treat, and so I thought I should tick of a little task on my list and photograph the man himself).
I hope you like these quick little polaroids

Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett 1 Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett 2 Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett 3 Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett 4 Sam Way x Harry J Bartlett 5

#BehindTheScenes Harry J Bartlett x Rhian Israel


Photography: Rhian Israel
Model: Harry J Bartlett
Stylist: Emmanuel Robert
MUA: Joshua Mitchell-Fowle
Assistants: Khuram Choudri & Alina Raducea

I thought i’d upload a quick ‘behind the scenes’ snap of my shoot with Rhian the other day. As always, it is such a pleasure to be photographed by this woman and (though this is just a backstage shot), she really knows how to capture an image. I can’t wait to see the full editorial!
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Yearbook: Harry J Bartlett x Rhian Israel

harry j bartlett x rhian israel 1 copy

So thrilled to be the front cover of Yearbook which was shot by Rhian Israel who is a fantastic young photographer.
Yearbook is a bi-annual magazine dedicated to showcasing the best of students work at Falmouth University. Each issue aims to include the work of current students and those that have graduated and gone on to do amazing things!
The team also won an award for Best Magazine Concept which (i’m told) was quite a tough competition this year.
I would definitely have a gander and see what some of Cornwall’s up and coming creatives are doing and please have a read of my quick interview on page 8-9.
Have a read of the magazine here: https://issuu.com/yearbookfalmouth/docs/yearbook_complete_edit/1?e=0

Also, feel free to check out Tara (Editor-In-Chief)’s blog http://taraslittletalks.blogspot.co.uk/ and have a good look at Rhian’s photography work http://rhianisrael.4ormat.com/

harry j bartlett x rhian israel 2 copy

#GLITCH_ART No.1 x Harry J Bartlett

For my latest photo shoot, I have been experimenting with Glitch Art, a trend that I have become quite fond of and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out and have fun with. A glitch is an error that can occur within technology such as a screen error, datamoshing or an unreadable file. Overall, a glitch can be something very frustrating  (and to most quite hideous) but is something I have grown to find quite beautiful. By looking at errors in a differently light, I have created a fashion editorial using technological errors and using them to enhance a look within the photo shoot.

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Photographer & Stylist: Harry J Bartlett
Makeup: Tom Selmon
Assistant: Jack Cahill
Models: Laura Moran, Josh Peroti, Tanya Hanson

“The Youth Of Today: sex. violence.” by Harry J Bartlett


The Youth Of Today by Harry J Bartlett

Another image from my “Youth Of Today” shoot entitled ‘sex.violence.’
These images are part of my ‘I LOVE…’ project, my theme is ‘Urban Youth Icons
Again, featuring the brilliant Olivia.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Harry J Bartlett
MODEL: Olivia Keane
ASSISTANT: Liam Fuller
MAKEUP: Tom Selmon