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TOPMAN: London Street Style: The Capital’s 6 Biggest Trends

This was a rather fun post to have found whilst having an online browse for some new clobber. Turns out i’m somewhat of a “Trendy Wendy” this season and I must say I have been quite shocked on the impact this simple little orange checkered suit has had on the fashion press. Maybe it’s the bold colours in a rather depressing January filled with Tube Strikes and the ever-looming threat of Donal Trump… Who knows? Either way, its fun to be on the sunny side of life.

If you want to have a browse of Topman’s suggested trends to shop, have a click on the link here to get some grand ideas for your wardrobe: http://www.topman.com/en/tmuk/category/london-street-style-the-capitals-6-biggest-trends-6243896/home


They Are Wearing: London Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2017

‘Street style at London Fashion Week Men’s fall 2017’ – WWD

Street style at London Fashion Week Men's fall 2017.

Street style at London Fashion Week Men’s fall 2017. Kuba Dabrowski

Shot by Kuba Dabrowski. A talented photographer, have a look at some of his work here – http://www.kubadabrowski.com
Alternatively, gander at his blog here – http://kubadabrowski.blogspot.co.uk

Topman Design AW15 @ London Collections: Men

topman design 1

After a brilliant pre-LCM show from Joshua Kane Bespoke (and an after party to match) it was time start London Collections: Men in proper fashion. I threw on my bright red Moschino sweater and a large hat to try and disguise my raging hangover and we were off!
First show of the season was Topman Design and what a bloody show to begin with. I was in pure ecstasy watching endless amounts of tall, young skinny creatures adorning large tartan suits and big oversized fur coats. It was a bizarre nostalgia trip with models sporting what looked like bowling shoes, western shirts, boiler suits and a whole lot of attitude while the video screen played some sort of acid trip not too dissimilar to The Beatles’ more “experimental” days. The video beautifully transitioned into different colours and shapes which complimented (or dare I say clashed) with the collection nicely. It was perfection watching Topman boldly and brashly capture a spectrum of cult clothing and key trends of yesteryear, from the punk movement to the mod scene and with teddy boy fit coats and all the charm of Marlon Brando in the film The Wild One. And Oh The music! With the song Crazy Horses being blasted out with such ferocity it was clear to see why everyone was bobbing there heads and tapping their feet and thinking about ‘the good old days’ of the seventies.

topman design 2 topman design 3 topman design 4
You can find my other mini reviews from London Collections: Men on the Atlas Magazine website.

Harry J Bartlett @ London Collections: Men SS15

A quick #throwback photo from LC:M SS15 after leaving the Topman Design show.
These photo was taken by the very talented Joseph Kent (Unlimited By JK).

harry j bartlett x jk 1Bold Blue Suit: Topman
Button-Down Collar Shirt: Topman
Bowtie & Pocket Square: Topman
Black Fedora: Virgin Blak
Black Velvet Carpet Slippers: Versace
Black Briefcase: Zara

harry j bartlett x jk 2



A brief summary of London Collections: Men AW14

London Collections: Men has proven to be another phenomenal season, full of fine tailoring, blurred gender barriers and more parties and free drinks to get an  AA meeting moist.
This season I mingled with some of the finest faces to be seen in the menswear world and what a season it was for myself. Surrounded by an endless supply of male models. I rubbed shoulders with the likes of David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire, Sam Way, Jimmy Q and Harry Curran, enjoying all the front row treats that came with it. Though I did feel rather repugnant perched next to David Gandy, Tinnie Tempah and Dermot O’Leary, being front row did allow me to view the the runway outfits in their full glory without jumping up and down, tiptoeing or holding my iPhone in the air in with the hopes of capturing a low resolution look at the fine details of each item of clothing.
This season was full of diversity making each collection unique and desirable in their own way and my particular favourite shows had to be Katie Eary, James Long, Christopher Shannon and Topman Design. But when it comes to making a splash, the Oliver Spencer show proved to be the big hitter on the social media platforms after one of the water pipes burst, showering one block  (with front row guests including David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire, Dermot O’Leary and Tinnie Tempah) in hot water, including myself sitting on second row.

After the soaking at Oliver Spencer. (This was as happy as I could be) Photo: Walterlan Papetti

After the soaking at Oliver Spencer. (This was as happy as I could be)
Photo: Walterlan Papetti

Quite frankly I was drenched and at the time I had no idea what was happening, the lights started going down, everyone had found their seats and then I got  spray of hot water down my neck, lots of screams started and people started fleeing the area and leaping over benches like a scene from 28 Days Later. In a blind panic, I realised I had left my Vivienne Westwood backpack (which quite frankly I was not leaving behind) so in an act of pure bravery, I ran towards the water, blurring my glasses and fogging my vision, like walking in to a burning building to save my beloved treasure. “I’m not leaving! My bag is in there!” Granted, maybe it was a little overdramatic but it was piss wet through. We all waited back in the entrance, had a quick natter about the surge of hot water and back in we went 15 minutes later, sat back in our (thankfully dried) seats and held tightly onto our personal belongings, just in case. For a second time, the lights dimmed and thankfully the show began, and as to no surprise, Oliver Spencer had indeed put on another incredible show.

After a hard day of networking, watching fashion shows and drinking free champagne like there’s no tomorrow, what better way to unwind than more alcohol at the many after parties going on throughout London Collections, and let me tell you this… There were some bloody good parties this year. First night I started off with the Esquire party at the Rosewood Hotel Piano Bar, very sophisticated and a great DJ set from Boy George. Other greats included the Fred Perry party, River Island’s presentation, YMC x Liberty and KTZ. But my favourite party had to be the Superdry party upstairs in The Old Sorting Office. Free drinks, big open warehouse, Nick Grimshaw DJ’ing but best of all, people were actually dancing! Proper dancing, the sort that would make a stripper proud, not bobbing while handing out business cards to associates. Dirty, legitimate, skanking slutdrops, dutty wine and head banging. It’s the first time i’ve seen people properly let loose at a fashion event and have a good time.

But when all was said and done, we happily returned to the place where everyone knows your name, the #TopmanLCM Pub for a burger, a pint and a mingle with our fellow fashion lovers. 
topman pub

Harry J Bartlett by WGSN at the Topman Design event for London Collections: Men



The 80s-influenced trench. Subscribers click here for more street style coat trends. http://goo.gl/eTKAo #menswear

Jonathan Daniel Pryce for WGSN street shot, London Collections Men

My friend spotted me on the WGSN tumblr page.
This image was taken London Collections: Men fashion event back in January, outside the Topman Design show.
This year was the first time I went to the LCM event and I had an incredible time, hanging out with David Gandy at the press event and champagne reception in which he announced his Comic Relief campaign: ‘The Blue Steel Appeal’ and then watching Zoolander at The Hospital Club in the private cinema room (more champagne and whisky)… I can’t complain !

Trilby: Virgin Blak
Trench Coat: Vintage Debenhams
Blazer: Ark
Shirt: All Saints
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Dr Marten’s

London Collections: Men – Topman Design


Ok, so this was from the London Collections: Men shows at the Topman Design Show in early January. 
This image was taken by the TOPMAN Generation team and has appeared on the Topman Official Facebook page so check it out !

Check out my Lookbook page for more of my looks:

London Collections: Men

Hey Guys
Sorry for the delays (I moved back down to Falmouth straight after LCM and I haven’t had chance to unpack everything and sort my life out again).
Anyway, I’m back now, settled in to university life again and ready to get back to blogging.

I had such an incredible time at the London Collections Menswear shows and I got the opportunity to go to some big events and some amazing shows.

Where do I begin? Well, I went to London primarily to meet up with a Fashion House about doing work experience in the near future (and it went well).
After that I figured I should go see some shows as I had the time and come on, its Menswear?!

As a lot of you already know, I met David Gandy back in March 2012 and as we’ve kept in touch, he’s been a really generous and kind person towards me and I cannot thank him enough for the opportunities he has given me at the Menswear shows.
I was waiting outside the Topman Show Space venue (for the Topman Design show), hoping to get in despite not having a ticket. A sudden blitz of camera flashes went off behind me and there he was, David had arrived. I said a quick hello and asked how he was doing, he then asked me if I had a ticket to the show (and unfortunately, no I didn’t) he then pulled me to the front of the queue, and went inside, by this point everyone was looking at me, he then came back outside (to more snaps and shouts) and he just casually looks me in the eye and says “Come on Harry, you’re in”… Well, as you could probably have guessed, I was rapturous! As I wandered into what looked like a very chic warehouse building, I was approached by a security guard; Andrew from South Africa, who noticed I was with David and asked me “Where is your ticket?” By this point I was terrified and I notified him that David had got me into the show and he just said “No problem, any other shows you want to come see, just give me a shout on the door and I will sort you out”. And that is exactly what happened, I turned up at the MAN collection later that day, grabbed myself a free beer, met with David again and said thank you to Andrew.
I had lots of other things to do afterwards so I didn’t get the chance to attend any other shows, maybe next time. Day 1 complete!

The second day I had a lot of things to do, so I was wandering here there and everywhere around London (bit of last minute shopping and purchasing as many fashion magazines as my wallet and my shoulder could handle).
I decided to get check out the Hospital Club location where I met up with Callum Watt (better known as Maketh-The-Man; jewellery designer and menswear blogger) and we decided to have a nosey around the show rooms, check out the accessories room and the clothing rooms. After that we decided to go to the champagne reception and press event where David Gandy was talking about his new Comic Relief campaign, the “Blue-Steel Appeal”, taken from the pose made famous by Ben Stiller in the film Zoolander. This was a great chance to meet other bloggers, fashion fans and press and again, David came over to say hello and invited me and Callum to watch Zoolander in the small cinema room upstairs. (Another champagne reception) so by this point I was starting to chill out and enjoy my beverages. Again, another fantastic experience and such a bizarre event, watching a film during Menswear Collections that mocks male models and the fashion industry, with the UK’s leading male super model and a room full of fashionistas, but my god, what a fun night it was, all topped off with a few more drinks and a chinese!

[Pictures to be uploaded shortly]

David Gandy & Harry J Bartlett @ Topman Design AW13

harry and david gandy

I met David at the Topman Design AW13 show as part of the London Collections: Men.

As i’ve met David previously, he saw me and managed to get me into the show, was a pleasure seeing him again and we had a great chat and a catch up.

(Even greater things happened the day after but all will be explained in due course).